Sizes - Too small to make
Tolerances - Too tight to hold
Materials - Too tough to handle
Shapes - Too odd to machine.

We are the specialists in precision magnet micro-machining industry. We are eager to take on any magnetic, brittle and other exotic material challenges. PPAC Tech will strive to make you more competitive in your market.

PPAC Tech specializes in precision micromachining on magnets and other hard and brittle materials. Small inner diameter precision machining is our most unique expertise in the magnet industry. The ID can be made as small as 0.009”, and this only one example of our many distinguishable production abilities.

We use quality magnetic materials to make parts that meet our customer specifications. Tolerances can be as tight as .0002”. Various coating and plating processes that are available for protection and decoration purposes include: Parylene and epoxy coating, aluminum IVD plating, and zinc, nickel and gold plating.